CET 390
CET 390
Computer Networking Fundamentals

Instructor: Daniel Kohn (Daniel.Kohn@usm.edu)
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Required Text: Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours, Second Edition By Joe Casad (Access via Safari Tech Books Online)
Required Software: Ethereal
Course Outline:
TopicsTextbook ChpHandoutsAssignments
Introduction to TCP/IP1Lecture Notes 
How TCP/IP Works2Lecture Notes 
Network Access Layer3Lecture Notes 
Internet Layer4Lecture Notes 
Subnetting5Lecture Notes 
Install XP   
Win XP Network Toolkit13-Essential IP Toolkit
-Troubleshooting TCP/IP (WinXP)
NetworkView and Ethereal13-Ethereal
Capturing Packets   
Test 1   
Cat 5 Cables Cable Diagram 
Static IP Network   
Intro to HTML17LinkFind list of common HTML Tags
Connetivity / File Transfers -Putty
More on HTML HTML Reference 
Personal Web Sites  Links
Test 2   
Web Site Assignment  End of semester Assignment
HTML Forms Forms Reference 
Quizes -> Test 3   
PHP Scripts  PHP Reference
  • Dealing With Forms
  • print_r
  • print
  • Variables
  • for
  • while
  • fopen
  • fwrite
  • fgetcsv
  • feof