CET 302/L
CET 302/L
Microprocessors I

Instructor: Daniel Kohn (Daniel.Kohn@usm.edu)
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Required Text: The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors: Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware, and Applications 4th edition
by Walter A Triebel and Walter Singh
Required Software: EMU8086
Course Outline:
TopicsTextbook ChpHandoutsAssignments
History Of Computers1.1Computer Timeline 
Computer Architecture1.2 - End of ChpLecture NotesHW 1
Lab 1: Introductory Lab  Lab 1Program
Software Architecture2Lecture NotesHW 2
Assembly Language Programming3-7Lecture Notes 
  Lecture Notes 
  Lecture Notes 
  Intel Op Codes 
Addressing Modes Example Code 
Lab 2: Hand Compiling / First ASM Program  Lab 2
Lab 3: Factorial  Lab 3
Test 1   
Lab 4: High/Low Guessing Game (Group Project)  Lab 4
Microprocessor (8086/8088)8.1, 8.2, 8.38088 Data Sheet 
Football Game Makeup  HW 3
Lab 5: Address, Data and Memory  Lab 5
Processor Timing / Read Cycle8.6, 8.7,
8.11(Read Cycle)
Lecture Notes 
Write Cycle / 743738.11(Write Cycle), 8.12(address Latch)Lecture Notes 
Lab 6: Bus Cycles  Lab 6
Lab 6 Addendum
Common Computer Interfacing IC's
Test 2   
Lab 7: Reverse Engineering an Input Card  Lab 7
Lab 8: IO Card Design and Implementation  Lab 8
Hex to ASCII
Test 3   
Automated House Discussion
Exam Review
 Study Guide 
Reference Links: EMU8086 Help/Tutorials
  EMU8086 v2.57 Quirks
  Art Of Assembly
  Ascii Table